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First entry in over a month

November 8th, 2011 at 09:02 pm

I haven't posted since 10/05. We are still trucking along...well maybe hovering.

We found a house...unfortunately it is For Sale By Owner. Who knew this would be soooo difficult. But we are definitely learning a lot and learning how to comminicate even more. We are at a stand still right now because of some issues, but hopefully we will know what the fate of this deal is pretty soon.

Our savings finally hit 10K! Felt like a monumental moment. Then we were hit with 2 car repairs. Alternator on mine and some manifold gasket thing on the husbands! Luckily we had done some side work so we only took $220 out of savings to cover them. Not too bad.

So I'm still here. Numbers haven't changed much, but they aren't getting higher.