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Treading Water

June 29th, 2011 at 07:06 pm

I feel like I am treading water. Seems like I have had to spend more money than usual and I am not making the progress I want.

On a high note, I am catering an event Saturday so I am hoping to make a little money off of that. And I got a raise! So my plan is to act like I didn't get one and just use the extra for debt repayment and savings.

But just to stay legit...here are my numbers. Not much headway.

CC1 $798.26 --- $749.91
CC2 $595.13 --- $563.29
CC3 $288.65 --- $171.26
Student Loan $4113.59 --- $3969.01

Current Savings $1500.00 --- $5800.00
Retirement $116.00 --- $410.10

But the problem is I am still using my Credit Cards. Something comes up and I use that irresistable plastic card of doom. I need to stop. Maybe I need a spending intervention before I drown!

Money in and out....and I need some opinions

June 13th, 2011 at 06:06 pm

Well unfortunately I charged some things to my almost paid off cc. Yes...big mistake. But, it was stuff for our upcoming garage sale and an unexpected gift. Hopefully I can pay back what I charged after the garage sale.

I finally got my rebate for my tires that I bought. And instead of a prepaid Visa, they actually sent a check! Smile So I will be able to deposit that into Savings.

And the insurance adjuster finally came. My husband's truck has $2200.00 in damage and they gave us a check. It has several dings and the windshield is cracked. But my husband's thought is... YES, we have to fix the windshield, but the dings are not horrible and the truck is white so they aren't that noticeable. So he thinks we should deposit the rest into savings, whatever is left after windshield. What do you think?

Some money coming in!!!

June 2nd, 2011 at 07:52 pm

So I should be getting a $100 rebate for my tires here in a couple of days. And we did some sticker work for my company, so that will be another $975 coming in. Such a great feeling!

Trucking Along

June 1st, 2011 at 07:24 pm

I'm still on track so far. I've gotten back to where I was on my repayment. And we talked to the insurance agent. They are coming to look at my husband's truck next week and see what the damage is. Windshield is cracked but the hail damage isn't "horrible".

So here are my numbers. ORIGINAL/CURRENT

Credit Card 1: $798.26/$771.00
Credit Card 2: $595.13/ $562.91
Credit Card 3: $288.65/ $85.64
Student Loan: $4113.59/ $4019.76

Current Savings: $1500.00/ $3046.00
Retirement Plan: $116.00/$340.00

Hoping June is a good month and more progress is made. Considering I made quite a few steps backwards last month I'm pretty happy.