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Back to work and the real world

October 23rd, 2014 at 07:02 pm

I took off 3 days from work. I got some things done around the house and for our business. I also relaxed and just did whatever I wanted to do. It was nice.

Tomorrow is payday. I feel pretty good about it. I bought groceries and came in under budget. I have money to send to both credit cards. I still have money set aside for the eye dr and now the contacts. I'm not going to say I'm out of the woods, but I'm definitely starting to see some light. And I will have $7 left after everything is paid. I wish it was more, but I can be happy about it.

Rough few days

October 15th, 2014 at 06:03 pm

My mom had knee surgery. The hospital was about 45 minutes away from my house. I missed half a day of work then drove all the way to my job to work for the other half. Its an additional 20 minutes further. (And my mom is doing great Smile ) We had a special party for a friend on Monday who is going to be on a TV show. We were out pretty late for a Monday. Its a stressful time at my work. It gets busy this time every month....but there is so much other stuff going on that it feels more stressful. I'm not sleeping well. My husband and I got in an argument today. And I am getting really nervous about this Ebola "outbreak." For those that don't know, I am in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. This is pretty close to home. And a person that works about 15 minutes from my house is being quarantined. Scary stuff. So I feel wore out. I spent money yesterday in gas and eating out because I had to eat before I went to work. But hopefully I can shave something off of the already tight budget. I know this is a pretty random, unorganized rant that has very little to do with finances, but I had to let it out.

Taking a few days off next week. Hopefully that will help. (Mental Health days Smile )

They charged me for water!

October 10th, 2014 at 07:31 pm

I took my husband to dinner last night. We went to a really nice restaurant, but I had a coupon that was going to make it pretty reasonable. Last night was not reasonable. I spent way more than I budgeted. They charged me for WATER! And my water was more expensive than my soda. And if I knew they were going to charge me for water, I definitely wouldn't have gotten both. $3.50 for WATER! Frown And the parking garage that we parked in (Which I have parked in before) was $20.00!!!! For 1.5 hours!!! Last time I parked there it was $7.00. And they automatically charged us 18% gratuity...for a a table of 2? So, I am going to have to trim some things. Puts me futher behind. Yuck!

I'm in the black

October 8th, 2014 at 03:12 pm

Woo hoo. The check came and I did mobile deposit. I also deposited my Pine Cone check. So on Friday after everything is paid, I will have $6.18! That's a big deal to me right now. I am able to send a little something to my cards. And I am able to put a little away to pay for our yearly termite cost. (have to pay 10% of the original bill to keep the warranty.) I have money set aside for the utilities. I set aside money to go to the eye dr. So I might be ok. No money to move around this week for the supplements I want. So maybe next week.

Random things.

October 7th, 2014 at 05:52 pm

No check yesterday. I can see on the website that my claim was approved....so I am still just waiting for the check.

I forgot my lunch today so I had to go grab something to eat. Not happy about that. But I was starving. I did get something that I could eat today and tomorrow. And maybe even Thursday.

I got my test results from the dr yesterday. Just standard blood work. They want to put me on medicine for cholesterol. I am doomed to have cholesterol problems because of family health history. But I really don't want to take this medication. It has a lot of side effects that don't sound pleasant. I'm going to try to shave some money off of something this next week so I can buy some natural supplements and see if it makes a difference. And if not...I guess I will just have to take the prescription. Frown

I added a free app to my phone. Its called Snap from Groupon. Basically you take a picture of your grocery store receipt and claim money based on offers. So this last trip I claimed $1.50 by buying apples and milk. There are offers for yogurt, bread, diapers, butter....all sorts of stuff. $1.50 isn't much. But its free money. You can cash out at $20.00. If you want to use my referral link it is

Not sure how the link stuff works. But I wanted to at least share the info.

Still Waiting

October 6th, 2014 at 05:27 pm

My insurance hasn't posted and I am still waiting to get my Aflac check, so I am not sure where I am at yet. My goal is to just be in the black. Seems easy enough. Hoping by tomorrow I will know.

Birthday dinner for my husband went great. The food was really good and the restaurant was pretty reasonable. I split up my gifts. I gave him one last night with dinner and I will give him the other one on his actual birthday on Thursday. I signed up for an email promo so we will be going to dinner on Thursday for half price. That will be nice. Then we don't have any other celebrations until Thanksgiving/Christmas. Out wedding anniversary is in October also, but we just can't afford to do anything this year.

3 days in

October 3rd, 2014 at 07:04 pm

Ok. Its payday. After everything is paid and set aside, I am still in the red, but only $9.56 I think my insurance will actually be $4.00 less than what I budgeted and I can pay a few dollars less on my student loan. So hopefully I can clear that up. I have $70.00 budgeted for groceries. Hopefully I can spend less than that. But we need things. A lot of basics.

On a high note, I think my Aflac claim was approved. Hopefully I will get a check in the mail soon. And I do have $6.00 from Pine Cone coming my way.

I hope to have a low spend weekend. We are going out to eat for DH's birthday. I have money set aside for that. And I did very minimal gifts. But it should be fun.

Please be kind to me October

October 1st, 2014 at 03:27 pm

Ok. This is where I am at. I will actually be in the red $62.00 after payday Friday. I have a doctor's appointment today. I budgeted $40 for it. I am not sure if I will have to pay a copay or not because its an annual exam? But even if I do, I am going to do an Aflac claim. I will get reimbursed $60 for a Wellness exam. So, if I get the Aflac check, I should be almost even again. Let's hope it goes as planned.

I am hoping the month of October is kind to me. The last few months have been rough, so I could use a win.

And I updated my side bar. The numbers went in the wrong direction. But I have to be honest about it.