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Talking myself out of help cleaning

October 2nd, 2013 at 12:45 pm

I am still having a problem getting everything balanced. I had convinced myself to take $40 out of my money this week and pay someone to help me clean my house. But...I am trying to convince myself if I just do a little each day, by this weekend it should be better. And I can use that $40 for something else. Debt, Savings, whatever. According to me, if I break it down into minutes, I have 3 hours worth of work. So 1.5 hours today and tomorrow? 1 hour each day - today, tomorrow, and Friday? Not sure the breakdown. But I think its the right thing to do. Even though I am exhausted. So.... I'm going to do it myself....no need to spend $40.

Oh and yesterday and today are NSD!!!

5 Responses to “Talking myself out of help cleaning”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Good luck with the cleaning! I hope it doesn't take you that long, but breaking it down into three 20 minute chunks each night with a break in between might help, too.

  2. TashaC. Says:

    $40 for a cleaning person? I am budgeting $75 for a self employed cleaning person to come out for 3 hrs before an upcoming event. $40 spent and a spotless house would be a nice reward. But if you clean 20 mins a day you can get it done yourself as well.

  3. Bob B. Says:

    We did hire a cleaning service - not sure if you followed that on my blog a couple months ago.

    We have her come in twice a month, three hours at a shot. Costs us $45 per visit/$90 per month. We're glad we did it.

    We do pick up the clutter before she comes, and make sure the sink is empty of dishes. We probably spend three hours ourselves in the two days before she visits.

    Maybe after you get your CC debt cleaned up, you can reward yourself by hiring a cleaning service. That's basically what we did.

  4. starfishy Says:

    i hope that if the DIY cleaning doesn't work out that you will treat yourself to paying the $40 for help. you have been thru SO MUCH lately - the relief might give you a little boost. good luck and take care. Smile

  5. wowitsawonderfullife Says:

    Wow, I pay $150 for 6 hours.

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