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Learning from what I have not accomplished

December 30th, 2014 at 08:08 am

It is amazing what I DID NOT accomplish this year. I've spent some time thinking about it. Did I not do things because I'm not ready? Because I'm not strict/responsible enough? And honestly...I don't know the answer. Maybe both mixed in with the fact that I am an emotional spender. I am very aware, I just don't do what I need to do. And sometimes I just do the wrong thing anyway.

My family came into town for Christmas. And I spent money that I didn't have. I am aware. I un-did the work and progress I had done. This is really something I need to plan for in the upcoming year. But I really enjoyed them being here.

I am choosing to continue this journey. I want to be out of debt. This is the truth. So I will update my numbers and regroup. As we come to a new year, I have 3 main goals:

* Pay off Debt - Scheduled to be by March 2015
* Coupon - Use coupons or other savings as much as possible
*Reach $1000 in Savings from Payroll

I will just take it a day at a time. And hopefully I can really evaluate what I'm doing before I do it.

Here is to a Happy, Healthy, and Financially Good 2015.

5 Responses to “Learning from what I have not accomplished”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    All we can do is keep moving forward and continue to learn from our errors. I'm glad you aren't just giving up!

    Are you planning to have all debt, including student loan paid off by March? If so, that is $915 per month to pay off. Do you have income to do this? Will you look to other sources of income to help? Is there a windfall you are expecting, such as a tax refund?

  2. JulieAlbright Says:

    I think you have a very healthy attitude about this right now. I was just contemplating this morning, I think I've been using the YNAB software for 2 maybe 3 years now and I still keep running into irregular type expenses that I didn't plan very well for.
    Maybe you just need to make a small line item in whatever sort of budget system you use for family parties, and stick a small amount into every once and awhile and let it accumulate.

    Also, I bet you find after March (when the debt is paid off), that you'll have far more flexibility with your money in being able to pay for and enjoy things like the family holiday visits because your money doesn't HAVE to go toward debt repayment anymore. So you really have that to look forward to this year.

  3. rachel021406 Says:

    No ccf...I guess I shouldn't say pay off debt....just credit cards. But I can roll whatever my cc payments were into my student loan payments to help pay that off faster. And of course I will still have our mortgage. And no tax refund here.

    And yes Julie - after March I have money being set aside for things like Christmas and my family's visits, which usually happen in the summer and around Christmas. Hopefully this will help soften the blow. Smile

  4. rob62521 Says:

    You had a set back...we all slip now and again. So, start the journey and press forward. Don't give up!

  5. Bluebird Says:

    You can do it! Progress!

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