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More Debt and overspending

September 29th, 2015 at 03:20 pm

I got sick Sunday night/ Monday Morning. By 6:00AM Monday I knew I had to go to the dr. Ear and throat infection. Copay and $38 in RX went on Cap 1. Frown

I am overspending....not sticking to my budget. This Friday when I get paid, if I were to pay everything I would be $218.74 in the RED. Some of this is money to put back for Christmas, so I obviously won't go negative, but if you are looking at the numbers, I'm in bad shape. And some things I am accounting for now even though they are due in a few weeks.

Here is how it will look on 10/02:

Cell phones -220
Xmas -215
Tire Money -200
Husband's Birthday -80
Gas for Car -60
Electric -285 (Hoping for less - keep extra for other months)
Dish -100 (Should be less)
Internet -70
Student Loan -65
Payback to another account -20.00
Car Insurance -193.08
Hold for Mortgage -150.
Hold for Car Payment -65
Loan from Business -25

Like I said the Christmas Money and Tire Money don't have to move now, so I won't go negative. But it will take me until my 10/23 payday to catch up.

5 Responses to “More Debt and overspending”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Don't feel bad about taking care of your health. That is one thing we can't help in most cases.

    It's good you know where you stand with your budget. Could you take a little from birthday and christmas to pay your recent copay and prescription that went on Cap One?

    Do you see areas that you could cut to get ahead? And if so, are you and husband willing?

  2. rachel021406 Says:

    I'm willing to make some cuts, if I can figure out where. I cut my Christmas budget quite a bit already. And I am spending less on birthday too. I did find 2 things I can return. $7.88 to my Chase card and $4.38 to my checking account. And if my electric bill is significantly under budget, I could use some of the overage.

  3. creditcardfree Says:

    Returns are like found money aren't they? Fingers crossed for that lower electric bill for you and me (ours is still too high).

    Cell phones and Dish were the ones I saw that look like they could be cut, but I realize those can be difficult depending on contracts and expectations from others in the household.

  4. snafu Says:

    rachel, I wonder if you can find a way to reduce costs for phone related services, Dish, DH birthday and expenses where you have some level of control to begin establishing an Emergency Fund. Even paying yourself $ 25. 1st, per pay will compound over time to cover costs without adding to CC balances.

    Are you willing to start with a menu plan using what's at hand in pantry and freezer/fridge? The financial talking heads emphasis the importance of categorizing CC spending like sum for gas for car + maintenance, restaurant/take-out [subtotal] + groceries/food, personal grooming, medical, household/repair, interest/fees etc. It helps to see and be aware of where the money goes. Would you find it helpful to budget for Halloween costs? What is your plan for Thanksgiving? Will you travel or host a family dinner? Can Christmas focus on family, friends, and religious celebration to significantly lower shopping and spending activities?

  5. rachel021406 Says:

    The cell phone plan is kind of stuck for now. My husband purchased a phone on a payment plan so it adds 20 something dollards a month.

    We are kind of stuck on Dish too. We live in the country so we are limited on services. And if we go down to the next level, we lose all the channels that we all watch. So every 6 months I call to get a credit so it stays under $100. I budget $100 so I'm never short. But it will still be about $95 dollars after tax.

    I am thrifty when it comes to meals/groceries. Lately we have been eating out a lot, and that is part of the problem. But I only spend $80 every 2 weeks for groceries.

    I have money set aside in my budget for all family birthdays and holidays. My immediate family is who we celebrate Thanksgiving with, but they are all going to be with my sister out of state. So I will have to prepare a small meal for 4. But I am prepared budget wise for that. And my out of state sister is not coming home for Christmas this year, so I will have to ship their presents. I opted to do gift cards this year to save on shipping. Now its just following the budget.

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